Our Approach to Malpractice Cases

Mr. Deutsch began his career representing hospitals and doctors. In 1998, using the knowledge gained from the defense side, he began representing patients harmed by malpractice. Since that time Mr. Deutsch has successfully represented patients in malpractice cases, obtaining some of the highest recorded malpractice verdicts in counties throughout New York State.

Deutsch Law brings this deep experience to bear for our clients. We’ve developed a network of world-class medical experts to help present our cases in Court. Many of our experts are Ivy League graduates, Chairpersons of their departments, and leaders in research.

Through successful trials, Deutsch Law has acquired a reputation among malpractice defense attorneys and insurance companies that often allows us to achieve full-value settlements without trial.

Where appropriate (e.g. hardship due to injuries) we also provide our clients access to financial assistance while their case is pending. This has helped many clients obtain full value for their case instead of feeling undue pressure to accept a lower settlement just to make ends meet.

We provide experience-based advice to our clients at every phase of a case –even after trial or settlement. Post-settlement planning has helped many of our clients ensure lifetime income, e.g. to set up settlement-preservation Trusts and otherwise preserve maximum value of their settlement, for maximum improvement in their quality of life.

We have handled malpractice cases in practically every medical area. We have a deep understanding of medicine, how to interpret medical records and how care is organized in hospitals and other practice settings which allows us to get to the truth of what happened.

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