Helping the Jury Understand the Effects of Brain Injury

Brain injuries arise from many different scenarios. Through many years and cases, we’ve developed a deep level of experience in brain injury.

We’ve handled cases of failure to properly treat stroke, which increases brain damage. The relevant evidence includes understanding national stroke protocols, as well as investigating and obtaining the protocols developed by specific institutions that treat stroke.

We’ve handled cases of brain damage from improper management of trauma, in which physicians were not vigilant and did not monitor increased pressure within the skull: evidenced by laboratory tests and physical symptoms.

In many cases, the cause of brain damage is insufficient oxygen reaching the brain. This may occur in any situation in which overall blood circulation is lost or impaired. We’ve successfully handled many cases in this area, such as: improper ER treatment of a heart attack, failing to address internal bleeding, and failing to properly manage asthma attacks.

We’ve also successfully handled trials of cases involving birth-related brain injury to infants caused by improper obstetrical care.

Brain Injury Affects Function, Personality, and Family Relationships

For a malpractice attorney, we believe that just as important as understanding the medicine is understanding how the brain affects a persons’ life. Effects of brain injury are sometimes obvious, but often subtle. These include effects on personality and relationships in the family. Understanding the full personal and family effects of brain injury is key to present the reality of these injuries to the opposing insurance carrier (in negotiations) and to the jury if the case should be tried.

We have gotten to know many clients on a personal level who are dealing with brain injury as well as their families. We’ve also come to develop relationships with therapists and other specialists dealing with brain injury who give us insight into the day-to-day challenges they face.

We believe that our experience in brain injury gives us an unusual level of understanding and experience which to prove brain injury cases, and obtain the maximum value for the medical and personal effects of brain injury damages.

We’ve also assisted our clients with brain injury to obtain therapy, financial service advice, and helped arrange trusts and related assistance to protect their finances.

Our experience representing brain injury clients has ultimately helped us appreciate how people with brain injury deserve dignity and respect. And, we believe this perspective, when honestly and properly communicated to a jury, helps us to obtain proper compensation for those living affected by these injuries.