Client Reviews

​All reviews posted by permission of the client. Full client names redacted for confidentiality.

I appreciate your advice in consulting a financial advisor

“Dear Mr. Deutsch,
Only a limited amount of people in my life know the pain and suffering I went through prior to our consultation. It was a very difficult time in our lives and, aside from my family’s support, consulting you was the best thing I could’ve done. There aren’t enough words to describe how thankful and grateful I am that you represented me. I am fortunate to have had you as an attorney. You were very comforting and always kept me informed during the process. I am ecstatic that my case did not go to trial and that it was settled for a fairly large sum. I also appreciate your advice in consulting a financial advisor. I took your advice and we are in the process of investing our funds and doing other positive things for our family. I would also like to thank you once again and your staff for all your help and support.
Mrs B.”

Your integrity and professionalism were truly exceptional…

“Dear Larry,
​I have been meaning to write to you to say “Thank you,” for all the work. You believed in us right from the start. Your integrity and professionalism were truly exceptional, and very much appreciated! I wish I had been there when the jury came back. My husband called me at work and I started to cry. From what I hear, your summation was just fabulous. You should be so proud.
Mrs. D.”

When my dad passed away…

“When my dad passed away unexpectedly due to wrongful death. I was so lost and my heart felt so heavy and painful. I kept on saying to myself that my dad would still be alive if this was not wrongful death. Then I decided to go online to search and browse for malpractice attorneys to fight for justice. I have attorneys turned me away or by speaking to them on the phone, they make me feel very uncomfortable and more lost. Finally and luckily I found Mr. Larry Deutsch, just by talking to him on the phone for the first time, he made me feel so comfortable and understand what is going on for a wrongful death case. Mr. Deutsch was knowledgeable, honest, trustworthy, courteous, patient, kind, and most importantly, transparent and managed our expectations. When we had questions, he will make sure himself available to answer in person or over the phone. He kept my family and I informed and understand through the entire process. It was a long process, but Mr. Deutsch’s work helped us obtain justice for my dad’s wrongful death and a settlement. On behalf of my family, I will highly recommend Mr. Deutsch. Also, Mr. Deutsch and his office were a pleasure to deal with during an overwhelming process. Thank you for your service and I would recommend him highly.”

I honestly never imagined that I would receive such a large settlement…

“I wanted to sincerely thank you for all your effort on my behalf. I honestly never imagined that I would receive such a large settlement. I am very grateful that you represented me with such professionalism, knowledge, courtesy, and of course, great negotiating skills. It’s such a comfort to know that now I can worry a little less knowing I have a nice cushion for retirement and my family.
Thanks again for everything!”

knowledgeable, honest, trustworthy

“Mr. Deutsch and his office were a pleasure to deal with during an overwhelming process. He is knowledgeable, honest, trustworthy, courteous, and has a calm demeanor combined with sharp negotiating skills. He kept my family and I informed through the entire process. Due to me having numerous surgeries and multiple insurance carriers, Mr. Deutsch was vigilant in contacting each carrier to determine if they were seeking reimbursement. He ensured that every detail was worked out. He always kept our expectations realistic, yet exceeded them. I highly recommend him.”

Gratitude for your herculean efforts

“Dear Larry,​
Please accept our gratitude for your herculean efforts. Because of your guidance, we can now hopefully smile when he looks at the “Man in the Mirror.” You were our general; you were our Atticus Finch.​
Mr. and Mrs. V”

Professionalism, knowledge, courtesy

“I hired Larry Deutsch for a medical malpractice case. Larry was successful in settling the case on my behalf. He represented me with such professionalism, knowledge, courtesy, and of course, great negotiating skills. I would recommend him highly.”

Tenacious and talented

“Larry is a tenacious and talented medical malpractice lawyer who has achieved great results for his clients. He usually has a fresh approach to legal issues, which becomes evident when doing committee work with him, as I have at the NYC Bar’s Medical Malpractice Committee. If I had to refer out a case, I would send the client to Larry, whether for medical malpractice or a general personal injury matter.” (NYC Attorney posted review)

An expert in his field

“Laurence is an expert in his field and each client I refer to him is always extremely grateful for my referral to him.” (NY referring Attorney, posted review)

I can’t imagine a better attorney.

“I grew up around PhDs, MDs …so I’m not easily impressed by credentials or big words or fancy suits. With that in mind, I have to say, watching Larry work was truly astonishing. He has taken a profession and turned it into an art form. He is incredibly quick on his feet and it is apparent through closer inspection that his actions are very carefully thought out and deliberate. And yet, as brilliant as Larry is, he still has the very important qualities that make him a pleasure to work with: honesty, integrity, modesty and a genuine concern for his clients. It’s also very easy to get a hold of him either directly or through his staff…..I could not have asked for a better person to advocate on my behalf. I’ll end with something Larry said to me one day, while we were walking to lunch during the trial. It was something to the tune of “I only take clients who I believe are telling the truth.” And that is just a fraction of his great strategy as an attorney, not to mention a testament to his integrity as a person. I very highly recommend” Larry. –B.