Other malpractice: If you have questions, we can get you answers

We have represented patients, successfully, in a wide variety of malpractice situations: from obstetrics to primary care and in many, specialized areas of medicine including bone marrow transplantation and rare cancers.

No two cases are exactly alike. But we bring to bear a deep experience in medical cases and a network of highly-qualified experts. This allows us to evaluate even uncommon and highly technical issues of medicine.

We have also come to recognize “patterns of malpractice” common to many different medical settings. These include:

  • Student doctors (“residents”) being given too much responsibility, without proper supervision
  • Doctors rushing their patients and seeing more patients they can safely handle because it allows them to increase billing
  • A doctor not wanting to do the “boring details” of care because of burnout, or just lack of caring (not reading test results in their records, not checking if preventive care such as colonoscopies or vaccinations are up to date)
  • Not listening to the patient: missing important symptoms, or discounting symptoms without an adequate workup.
  • A doctor not keeping up with new research or new techniques, or not taking the time to look up unfamiliar areas of medicine

Sometimes the malpractice is in the technical details. Other times it is due to a basic failure of a doctor to take their responsibilities seriously: not listening, rushing, or prioritizing volume over patient safety.

If you have questions about your medical care, you can call us, text us, or fill out our email form.